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Unique Ways to Use Recordable Answer Buzzers!

Hi! I’ve been wanting to sit down and tell you guys about an excellent product I’ve been using for a while. There are so many different ways in which you can incorporate this tool in your classroom!


CVC Sight Word Speaker: During my small intervention groups I try to serve as many of my children as possible, but sometimes it is impossible to be there with them every step of the way. So I made a couple adjustments to the “Sight Word Swat” and renamed it the “Cherry Blossom Catcher.” I prerecord my voice calling out the sight words written on the flowers for my kiddos to “catch” the cherry blossom that it is on. I am able to record approximately 5 sight words on each. I also make sure to use Duracell batteries since I believe the higher quality batteries, the higher quality you will be able to receive from the product. I place in different stations and pair my kiddos up in partners.

Adaptive Communication Device: That’s right! This is probably one of my FAVORITE ways I have incorporated this product! Background Story: I have a younger sister that was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome at the age of 15 months. If you are not sure what Angelman Syndrome is I encourage you to research it or reach out to me, I have a large variety of information I can share with you. For the time being, I will explain it concisely, Angelman Syndrome is a very complex genetic disorder that causes developmental disabilities and neurological concerns and epilepsy. This includes but not limited to, developmental delay and speech impairment. Furthermore, we are always looking for new useful tools and ways to communicate with my sister in ways that are convenient for her due to her current motor skills. She had an adaptive communication device but it was not the most effective one.


It was tremendously heavy and it was harder for us to store it. I’ll attach an image of it. (To your right.)

In addition, when we started using the buzzers with prerecorded statements, my sister seemed very eager to use them. We also printed and tapped a picture to each buzzer. I recommend using poster strips to tape them down. We try to leave the buzzers on areas we know she will need them. For instance, for the TV remote buzzer, we have it near the center table of the living room since that’s where we mainly watch television. For a snack, we have the buzzer near the fridge since most of her snacks are mainly around the kitchen. For the restroom, we have the buzzer on a table since that’s a common space she’s able to reach. Since the buzzers are very lightweight we are able to carry them along with us anywhere! By the way, I reprinted the images for the buzzers for the picture..*IMG_13582

PROS: Easy to use, easy to customize, lightweight but well built, travel size which makes it easier to place it in different locations, kids love it!

CONS: They do not have a turn off button! So when we are traveling we often get scared when we hear “Baño” (Restroom in Spanish)out of nowhere…

Math whole group game buzzer: I usually will incorporate my buzzers in class since my kiddos love them! It’s an easy way to keep them actively engaged in the lesson. For example, they get into groups and I  place a word problem on the board, once they have solved the problem they record the answer on the buzzer and at the end, we all get a chance to go over the answer while tapping on the buzzers.

Other ways this product can be used:

Tired of repeating the lunch choices for the day? Use the buzzers! You can easily record the lunch choices for the day.

Want a quick matching CVC Or Sight word activity? You can print out images and have students use the buzzers! I record their sight /CVC word and have them find the image and place it beside the buzzer.

*I purchased my buzzers from but they can also be found on Amazon, Walmart, and Staples. Please be aware that there is a similar set of buzzers for a cheaper price, however, they are not the personalized buttons.


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