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Staying busy.. things I did not know I needed!

House Decor:

Hooks without drilling

Hooks for mugs


Lids for my small jars

Tech and all:

New Laptop Cover

New Laptop Carrier

MacBook Air Cover *

Bose Frame Charger

Home Office/ Meditation Room:



Kit (Threads)

Foot Kit for Machine

Will continue to update this page 🙂

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Saying it all.. Grief and all..

I want to start by thanking each and every one of you all. I’ve been blogging through this platform since 2018 and honestly, I have made many friends that I will miss a lot.

I have decided to take a break.. I recently lost a very close loved one and I am having a hard time keeping myself busy or trying to find my purpose.

With this said, in my personal life, so many things are currently changing and with those changes I am required to put a lot more effort into my schedule.

I am also in the process of going into my second year of teaching! I am very nervous about COVID-19 and how my classroom and school structure will change.

Love you all and stay safe!