About Me

My Mission: Make this world a better place.

My Vision: To create a positive life that will change the world one day at a time.


Hi! Welcome to la familia!

I’m Celeste but my kiddos call me, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Mendez, or Ms. LM. That’s right, I have two last names. I am in my mid-20s. I am currently an elementary school teacher. I work with children in grades K through 5th. I recently started my newest journey as a teacher and decided it would be nice to have a blog that I could utilize to track my growth, thoughts, and even make connections.  Just so one day I can look back on it all.

Fun Facts + All About Me

Favorite Candy + Chocolate: ALL SWEETS + Mr. GoodBar + Mint Choclate (Chocoretas)

Favorite Color: All except orange and yellow. Currently love pink, mint green, teal, tiffany blue. 

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake

Favorite Drink: Coca-Cola + Strawberry Lemonade + Sangria

Favorite Flowers + plants: Bougainvillea (growing up in Mexico, they remind me of home), Lotus, Magnolia, Mexican Marigold, Orchids, Succulent plants, Sunflowers,

Favorite Food: Hot Wings (Mild with Lemon Pepper combo + ranch & a peach drink)

Favorite Fruit: ALL except Kiwi

Favorite Hobby: Hobby Lobby (Jajaja) + Reviewing children literature + Hiking

Favorite Icecream Flavor: Chocolate + Mango + Pomegranate + Strawberry + Vanilla (French + Bean)

Favorite Movie: Too many. Can’t narrow down.

Favorite Restaurant: Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-BQ (Obsessed with their homemade BBQ chips & cheese biscuits) + O’Charley’s (Love their strawberry lemonade & their mashed potatoes) **I don’t like eating in public or in big crowds

Favorite Season: Fall + Winter

Sisters: Two. I’m the middle child.

Hometown: Mexico. ♡

Been in Ga. since: I was like 6.

Thank you for joining me on my new journey as an educator. I can’t wait to continue to grow! Don’t forget to be kind and love one another. & always lead by example!

✐ 𝙼 𝚒 𝚜 𝚜  𝙻  𝙼  ♡