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Things I wish I would have UNDERSTOOD When I was YOUNGER… Dear Me,

Welcome back!

If it’s your first time here, hi! 

Today I will be doing a little reflection on my younger adult years. Things I wish I would have understood. Funny thinking about it. I was thinking of things I wish I would of known, but then I realized I already knew I just did not understand at that time.

  • Love yourself. Always put yourself first no matter what everyone may think. When you love yourself life gets better. You shouldn’t allow people to make you feel guilty for putting yourself first.
  • Don’t allow people to have access to you when it is convenient for them. Allowing people to pick and choose when they want to talk to you is a huge no-no. Most people tend to treat you how you allow them to treat you, and they get a little too comfortable too quickly. I wish I would have understood that being around me and my energy is a privilege.
  • Just because someone is in your life it does not mean that person is rooting for you. I often got confused assuming everyone in my life was rooting for me. I tend to always see the good in people. I have trained myself to always see the positive side to things in life. I wish I would have understood what my parents meant when they would tell me not everyone is your friend. Just because people are friendly does not make them a friend.
  • Everyone you meet is in your life for a reason or a season. Part of human nature is building relationships with other people. However, the longevity of any relationship is not up to us. Some people will be in our life for a short period of time and that is OKAY! We must make peace with it and move on. Life is too short to be bitter or try to fix every single friendships/ relationships/connection.
  • Protecting your energy. Be picky when it comes to picking out “your crew” they should reflect your energy. The risk of having a “good heart” = we feel that we must “heal” or “fix” people. In addition, accept people for who they are and not what they can be. Read that again.
  • Be who you want to be not who others want you to be. Who cares what others think?! Be your truest form! DO NOT let anyone discourage you or make you feel as if your ideas/goals are too small.
  • Lastly, follow your instinct!


If you made it all the way to the end, I love you!

Thank you for journaling with me! Until next time.



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